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Thinking Binaries Ltd
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We've been building and delivering technical training courses (in past lives) for over 25 years.

Our training courses are bespoke, and generally have some or all of the following:
  • task and goal oriented - we provide a blank workbook in the form of a questionaire, and you work through it with our help, using real hardware and real software. At the end, you have notes in your own handwriting. The cost of developing this type of course is very affordable, and your engineers get more chance to ask specific questions as a result.

  • technology transfer - the main purpose of a training course is to make sure that your engineers can continue to develop the software themselves. Technology transfer is not just about a training course, we can also offer follow-on coaching, mentoring and buddying services to help engineers through those first shakey moments of their first software feature change.

  • application notes - for common reusable software that we've used to build your product from (e.g. our embedded tracing feature), we have application notes that can be delivered to your engineers that describe how to configure and use and enhance these pieces of software.

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