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Apart from working on customer projects, we also have a number of back-burner developments of our own. Sometimes these developments end up being used on new customer projects as a way to cost-reduce some development activity.

Here is a list of just a few of our back burner projects that are ongoing. If you see anything that you think would fit well into one of your upcoming projects, give us a call to find out more. We have many other tools and software libraries under development, but here is a small selection of some of the ideas that are reasonably well developed in their thinking and implementation.

  • Embeddable filing system (very tiny resource footprint)

  • SD card data logger

  • Ethernet based data logger with website collection system

  • Generic/configurable windows data log decoder tool

  • multi-standard VGA screen driver

  • a set of reference designs for embedded firmware

  • a set of C/C++ components and a threading library for building PC simulations of embedded code

  • C/C++ PC based RS232 communications library

  • C/C++ PC based TCP/IP communications library

  • tiny footprint table driven user interface (e.g. LCD/buttons)

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