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Here is a sample of some of the projects we have worked on since 2006.
  • Ethernet connected temperature monitor
  • Ethernet connected energy monitor
  • Iridium/GPS position tracker and emergency alert device
  • configurable PC based data log decoder
  • toolkit for building PC simulations of embedded devices
  • PC simulation of an energy display monitor
  • zigbee based Smart Energy device
  • zigbee based energy display monitor
  • writing auto code generation tools in lua
  • fixing someone's production line
  • a toolkit for auto uploading product details to google base (product search)
  • a toolkit for measuring and optimising google search positions (SEO)
  • various forms processing behind the scenes of websites
  • technically mentoring graduates
  • porting existing J2ME code onto google android
  • java-based behavioural simulator
  • EEDA funded research project into IP Reuse
  • embedded USB peripheral
  • consumer wireless security device
  • consumer/automotive audio/music device
  • web based go-kart race timing system
  • PC based high speed data acquisition and display system
  • motor control system controller
  • 8051 based multi-noded CAN-based data acquisition system
  • 8051 based sensor dev kit + PC simulation
  • remote logger web access
  • embedded linux remote data logger
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embedded software, firmware, PC tools, datalogging tools, GPS, iridium, zigbee microcontrollers