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Many of our customers in the early stages of engagement come to us for two core reasons
  1. they don't have a software facility themselves, or
  2. they do have a software facility, but they are significantly under resourced.
Much of our project work has involved helping customers to build or improve their software facilility. Typically this has involved a range of additional services, including:
  • introducing software standards and processes
  • advising on, and introducing software configuration control systems
  • advising on, or introducing a common software architecture
  • mentoring and coaching more junior engineers
  • 'holding the fort' on a project until a full time engineer is recruited
  • helping with the specification of and recruitment of full time engineers
  • a technology transfer of existing project work to new recruits
  • introducing a product-line architecture for less senior engineers to work within
  • introducing a software debug and test methodology based on our toolsets
  • bringing in experience of specific processor architectures and platforms
See also: mentoring architecture bespoke training

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